ON WATER: a zine about living on water.

Living on water is nothing like being amphibious. To make the water one’s home, one must be at ease with the endless unpredictability and constant danger of being surrounded by water. Water is constantly in motion, meaning that one’s home is always moving, swaying, held ashore by a few knots of rope through a stake in the mud. Water always threatens to seep through, fill up, overcome, sink. Being on water means surrendering to the life that is its own and learning to move with it and the wind. And with this slipperiness, this float state, comes freedom – freedom of movement and the tranquillity that comes with solitude and independence. Within this zine is writing, drawing and photography about canals, rivers and the coast from the perspectives of those who have lived on them.

Featuring: Lorna Flutter, Finn Murphy, Renoir Saulter, Amy Gwilliam, Antony Hurley, Sam Donagh and Emma Cheung.

A5 / 44 pages / Printed by us / Thread-bound by hand / Made from 100% recycled paper and card