Loose Ass is DIY

Loose Associations is a mixed media collective run by Finn Murphy, Emma Cheung and pals. Our creations combine our collective skills - writing, filmmaking, painting, printing, drawing, book-binding and photography. Our interests revolve around the landscape, food, observational comedy, the absurd and the ordinary. Jack of all trades, master of some; hands in all the pies and liking the sensation.

Our aim as a collective is to make accessible and democratic art that constructs an intimate relationship to the present; paying attention to our surroundings and fixing our focus on the idiosyncratic and impermanent. By creatively acknowledging our landscapes, environmental and political, we can change them.

We have carried out zine workshops with Southbank Centre, Young Records and The Greenhouse Theatre. If you would like to arrange a workshop with us get in touch!

We take commissions for printing and designing services - zines, pamphlets, posters, t-shirts and more. Check out our archive to see if this will suit your project. We offer digital printing, bookmaking and screen-printing - get in touch if you have any questions.

We have worked our practice into neat little consumables available to buy from our online shop and our canalside shop, which we operate from our narrowboat. Follow our instagram for updates on location and opening times.