Loose Ass is DIY

Loose Ass is mixed media

Loose Ass is light-hearted

Loose Ass draws together loose associations to feed and foster the imagination

Loose Associations is a mixed media collective run by Finn Murphy, Emma Cheung and pals. Our creations combine our collective skills - writing, filmmaking, painting, printing, drawing, book-binding and photography. Our interests revolve around the landscape, food, observational comedy, the absurd and the ordinary. Jack of all trades, master of some; hands in all the pies and liking the sensation.

Our aim as a collective is to make accessible and democratic art to make people smile, maybe even to encourage people to make art themselves. Art in our view should excite the imagination, tickle the humours, simultaneously escape and question reality. Our art is about constructing an intimate relationship to the present; paying attention to our surroundings and fixing our focus on the idiosyncratic and impermanent. Once one’s landscape and lifestyle are creatively acknowledged, they can be changed.

When possible, we are involved in the making of every aspect of our work. We built this website from scratch, without templates or outsourcing. We develop, scan and print our photographs. We curate, print, bind and cut our zines. We are self-shooting filmmakers. We do everything that we can ourselves, not because it is necessarily better but because we want to keep learning. In our globalised post-industrial society, with growing distance between us and the sources of our material culture, we would like to get as close as possible to each physical stage of our creative process.

We have worked our practice into neat little consumables available to buy from our online shop and our canalside shop, which we operate from our narrowboat. Follow our instagram for updates on location and opening times.